The Advantages of Weed Control fabric Apr 23

The Advantages of Weed Control fabric

a close up of a gardenEvery gardener wants to get rid of the weeds in their garden but most people simply don’t have the time to spend a lot of time  in the garden.

You also don’t want to infect your lovely plants with horrible herbicides.
After a bit of research, the next thing garden owners usually consider is a material called weed control fabric. But is laying down fabric in your garden a wise move?

Well, let us help you decide. Weed control fabric, which is also known as landscape fabric or geotextiles, was originally developed to replace black plastic sheeting, which is often used as a cheap substitute.

It’s made from synthetic materials like polypropylene. Unless you know the difference, you might legitimately ask why you can’t just use plastic?

The main advantage of using weed control fabric is that it allows the soil and plants to breathe and get nutrients, it’s a different story.

By allowing air and water to pass through the fabric your cherished plants can still thrive – that’s impossible using plastic. However  weed control fabric is more expensive than plastic.If you want to use it for permanent planting, you are advised to use it somewhere you won’t be doing any digging, such as like perennial borders.

It’s unwise to use it anywhere where it will prevent root development or in annual planting beds.There are a few so ensure you choose one that fits your gardening needs most closely. For example, some are designed specifically to control erosion and some, more heavy duty ones, are used for under decking or walkways.
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