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Coastal Vegetable Garden Apr 23

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Coastal Vegetable Garden

Today we are starting the first of a series of blog posts detailing the 2011
vegetable growing season as it progresses. Our successes and failures will
be reported along with tips and advice along the way from experience gained
in previous years.

The plot occupies a fairly sheltered position on the South West coast with
good drainage resulting from being based on sandstone cliffs. On the seaward
side of the plot there are three mature apple trees which combined with the
tamarisk hedge along the cliff edge provide some protection from the biting
Easterly winds coming down the English Channel. The trunks of the apple
trees have been greased to stop the bugs from crawling up the trees and
spoiling the apples later on. We are still eating last year's crop which
were carefully laid down for storage and hope for another bumper crop in

After the cold winter the ground needs a boost and to provide this we have
sourced some excellent horse manure form the local stables. Several boot
loads and wheelbarrows later it has been applied approximately 7cm thick and
will not be dug in but rather once fully rotted we will make it into a fine
tilth. The manure is kept away from the bases of the apple trees as we want
to feed the vegetables not the tree roots!
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