Spectacular July Roses Jun 20

The month of July is synonymous with roses in the garden and there are few more appealing vistas than an archway covered with sweet smelling roses.

Roses like to grow in a sunny position with well drained soil and sheltered from strong winds.

When planting dig a wide and deep hole in order that the roots are not cramped and ensure that plenty of compost and potash is added to give the rose a good start.

They can be bought potted or bare rooted dependent on the season.

2024 looks like being a vintage year for Roses. The Heritage Rose Collection has a fabulous choice of top quality Roses that will give years of pleasure. With some things in life it is worth paying a slight premium & Roses certainly fall into this category ! Cheap garden centre Roses can often disappoint. Subject to availability your Rose Order will be delivered to your home within 3-5 working days.

a person holding a flower

Climbing roses and arches - a perfect combination

Climbing roses reach a minimum height of 2m with repeat flowering throughout the Summer. They are ideal for growing up arches, arbours and pergolas.

a close up of a flower gardenThe Rustic Arch pictured here is a low cost garden structure that can be put up simply and with climbing roses planted either side of the arch.

There is an abundance of choice in our Heritage Rose Collection grown by our specialist partner nursery renowned for their quality including a number of world famous David Austin Roses.

Many roses that one sees in garden centres and DIY stores may be cheaper but they either fail to impress when in situ or succumb to the elements and disease over a period of time.

Choosing the right rose for you

Three characteristics determine the choice of rose are visual appeal, ease of growing, and above all, fragrance, which sets the rose apart from many other pretty plants and makes them so appealing.



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