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Expert Gardening Tips For September 2021 Sep 03

August has ended with some unseasonably cold weather with very few sunny days during the holiday month. Now that the holiday season is mostly over in this very strange 2nd year of COVID it is time to get back in  the garden & plan for the autumn. Hopefully we will benefit from some warm September sunshine to make up for the dismal August & you will be able to relax in your garden.

Below are a few tips of a practical nature if you feel like undertaking some gardening jobs that will not involve too much effort.

  1. Extend the summer by making the most of garden lighting for the darker evenings. There is a wide range of solar lighting available (see our selection) as well as low voltage mains lighting. Trees shrubs grasses and pathways can all be highlighted .Bear in mind that bats owls and moths can be disorientated by artificial lighting so solar is probably best as well as being more eco friendly. A moderate amount of garden lighting cheers people up especially when heading towards autumn.
  2. Collect seeds for next year's planting. There is a lot of satisfaction to be gained from planting one's own seeds and seeing them grow .Now is ideal for taking cuttings from perennials larger shrubs and house plants. To save time planting winter veg seeds (now probably too late anyway) buy some ready grown plug plants by mail order or at the garden centre - broccoli calabrese & perpetual spinach for example. Your tomato crop if planted in the greenhouse will last into November so long as good natural light is available. Feeding & watering is also necessary.
  3. Lawncare - as late summer temperatures fall grass growth slows down so less mowing is required. Increase the cutting height of the mower so grass is left a little longer to protect it from frost. Damaged lawns can be repaired by first scarifying the patches with a fine rake and then laying a fine layer of mixed grass seed and compost. Don't forget to water regularly though.
  4. Finally get the camera out and take some nice photos of various parts of your garden in the late afternoon/early evening sunshine for best effect. As well as being a pleasant reminder of your efforts over the summer these photos will serve as a record to compare with photos taken this time next year.

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