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Firebowls, Braziers & Chimeneas

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Mexican tribes were the first to use chimeneas to cook with and keep their homes warm. Chimeneas combine the function of an outdoor fireplace and a BBQ. Cast Iron and clay are some of the materials used to make chimeneas and both are available in several colours.

Fire Bowl


A Fire Bowl can be made of clay, metal or cast iron. A fire bowl radiates heat to keep people warm at outdoor functions such as BBQs. They can also be portable if made of metal and can be taken on a picnic outing or to the beach. The Gardeco Lucia Portable Metal Fire Bowl comes with a useful portable carry bag with handles.

Fire Bowls

Our Fire Bowls are of Mexican design inspired by Mayan Art. They are made of clay which becomes hot and then radiates the heat outwards. We have two models of clay fire bowls. Both of similar appearance the Gardeco Ojo Maya is made from yellow clay and the Gardeco Naguales is made from red clay. As well as being very practical in terms of heat on a cool evening or for cooking they are attractive garden ornaments in their own right. Both are positioned on metal stands for a better view of the fire.

Chimeneas for sale

cast iron chinenea

Cast Iron chimeneas are a more permanent fixture in the garden unlike clay ones which can be moved around fairly easily. Also available in different sizes their prime function is for cooking and heating an area around where people can gather in dine in comfort. For an added aesthetic dimension the Gardeco Calenta model has a mosaic tiled outer rim. In recent years cast iron chimeneas have been very popular often having been featured in TV garden design programmes. If you have a contemporary garden with a large patio area the sleek appearance of the Gardeco Toledo Chimenea which comes in medium and large sizes would be our recommendation.

Garden chimenea

8 year old Naguales

Garden Chimeneas make great additions to any garden and will provide years of enjoyment and reliable use. Smaller versions are perfect for balconies but the size, shape and material of a garden chimenea is down to one's own personal taste.
Garden Chimeneas are built to last. Here is a photograph of our own eight year old Gardeco Naguales Chimenea taken in February 2012 having been left outside since new.

Garden chiminea

Gardeco Large Tia Chiminea For those who desire a large modern garden chiminea with a swivel BBQ grill set and a solid cast iron top & legs then the choice is the Gardeco Large Tia Chiminea in black. An added advantage of buying chimineas direct from Heritage Gardens is that this heavy and awkward product is delivered free to your home.

Fire Baskets

A Fire Basket is a short basket like structure that adds light and warmth to your garden and holds either wood or charcoal. These metal structures may also have a metal grill on top which is perfect for barbecuing food. A fire basket can also double up as a patio heater to gather round and enjoy the sights and sounds of crackling logs which is ideal for cooler days or evenings.



Braziers are the perfect way to experience the atmosphere, lighting and heat of a real fire at home in your garden, on your decking or on your patio. It can provide a cosy and exciting atmosphere for your outdoor gatherings. The new stylish design of the Gardeco curvy top Delphi Garden Brazier makes a beautiful and practical garden accessory and comes with its own BBQ Grill and Collection Tray. The fine mesh sides of this brazier allows for finer twigs to be burnt without them falling through making it a great all round garden incinerator & fire basket.

Cast Iron Fire Basket

Cast iron fire baskets due to the properties of cast iron stay hotter for longer. The cast iron fire basket has a classic design that is functional and highly durable resulting from the manufacturing process.

Garden Brazier


A stylish alternative to conventional forms of patio heating is a garden brazier. The Gardeco Vulcan Brazier Fire Basket & BBQ Grill is eye catching attractive and practical. Constructed from steel it will ensure that you get years of practical use. This brazier has a sturdy round base which collects fallen ash and debris helping to reduce the likelihood of the basket tipping over. It burns logs or charcoal and can be used for barbecuing and cooking on.

Garden Fire Basket

If you are looking for a professional solution for disposing of your garden waste, leaves or personal documents then consider an incinerating garden fire basket by Gardeco the premier UK supplier of fire baskets, chimeneas and fire pits.

Garden Fire Baskets


Our large Garden Fire Basket incinerator is capable of burning a huge amount of refuse very quickly which makes it perfect for gardens and allotments. The mesh allows air to flow through the basket ensuring effective and rapid burning and also helps to make the basket more aesthetically appealing then standard incinerators.

Outdoor Fire Basket

An Outdoor Fire Basket is the perfect addition to the garden for anyone who enjoys the alfresco lifestyle. It is ideal for keeping warm on chilly evenings as well as providing a comforting glow to encourage guests to stay out in the garden and chat.

Garden Braziers

The best Garden Braziers provide that real fire feeling on the lawn, decking or patio as well as providing atmospheric lighting and heat. Garden braziers particularly come into their own when the days are shortening and the nights are drawing in yet with the weather remaining relatively mild. Braziers which are safe and durable like the Gardeco Delphi and Vulcan are an inexpensive way of keeping warm and creating ambiance.

Iron Brazier

Iron braziers allow for a rust finish to develop when left outside and are the more traditional type of brazier and usually manufactured from cast iron. Contemporary braziers are more likely to be made from steel which is equally resilient but lighter in weight of ease of moving around your garden.

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