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Gazebos & Pergolas

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Gazebos are essentially free standing structures with openings on all sides. They are ornamental in appearance and practical as a sheltered place to relax. There are two types of gazebos – those that are solid in shape and act as quasi permanent structures in the garden and those that can be erected and dismantled easily. The latter type is often called a Pavilion Gazebo and its uses include alfresco entertaining or holding events such as wedding ceremonies and celebrations. The first mention of the word Gazebo in England can be traced back as far as 1750 but in one form or another they date back to classical times. Today they are a very popular addition to the English Garden

Hexagonal Gazebo

The most popular shaped gazebos on the market today are hexagonal and we are pleased to offer our customers a good choice ranging from the simple rustic willow gazebo to the ornate Rowlinson Oriental Pagoda which would complement the grand garden especially if positioned near a water feature.

Outdoor Gazebo

Garden Pavilion Gazebo

The Garden Pavilion Outdoor Gazebo is a simple but stunning white canvas pavilion which can be used for garden parties, summer fetes or for just dining with friends. An Outdoor Gazebo is easy and quick to assemble with precision frames that neatly slot together. Its sides are wind and rain resistant and help to create shade on a hot sunny day. Outdoor Gazebos made from canvas materials have been used for centuries by nomadic tribes throughout the world.

Rowlinson Willow Gazebo

Rowlinson Willow Gazebo

If you are looking to add some rustic charm to your garden, especially if you live in a rural location, the Rowlinson Willow Gazebo is the perfect choice. It is a traditional natural looking gazebo with open lattice sides made from woven willow in a sturdy design. It is free standing but can be made more permanent with the optional extra of the Willow Gazebo Floor in natural timber which has been pressure treated. You may also wish to complement the Willow Gazebo by adding a set of Rustic Obelisks or the Rowlinson Willow Arch.

Gainsborough Gazebo

Rowlinson Gainsborough Gazebo

The Gainsborough Gazebo is hexagonal in shape and is manufactured in a unique modular design with a solid back and open lattice sides for natural light. The side panels are structured so as to allow plants such as climbing roses or clematis to weave their way up the panels to create a floral feature. The independent product review site Reevoo has awarded the Gainsborough Gazebo 9 out 10 which has helped to make it one of our best selling gazebos.

Sandringham Gazebo

Rowlinson Sandringham Gazebo

The Rowlinson Sandringham Gazebo is an octagonal wooden gazebo with an FSC solid timber fully covered roof. It is a very solid structure that can be used for parties all year round. Features include two half solid/half lattice sides and an open pane and the position of the panels can be configured during erection to that which best suits your garden and the views from it. The Sandringham has a natural timber finish which can be simply left or painted according to taste. The prefect gazebo for the larger garden to make the most of alfresco dining and outdoor parties.


Pergolas, deriving from the Latin word pergula meaning "projecting eave", were introduced to England in 1654. A pergola is an architectural structure to filter sun and provide trellised support for climbing plants such as roses, honeysuckle and wisteria. A freestanding pergola separates the garden from the house and has the effect of creating a "garden room" in which a patio furniture set can be placed. A pergola can be stained or painted to enhance its attractiveness.

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