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Greenhouses & Coldframes

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Greenhouses are available to suit every budget and size of garden as well as being available in a wide range of materials. Since Victorian times Greenhouses have become increasingly popular since Victorian times where wealthy estate owners built them to grow and display new exotic plants through to the modern day more modest greenhouse suited to Grow Your Own enthusiasts. Free standing greenhouses whether or wood or metal should be sited in an open sunny position ideally sheltered from strong winds. Lean to types are designed to attach to a house or garden wall and some models include optional shelves to allow more plants to be grown. A greenhouse is fundamentally a work space for a multitude of gardening activities such as seed propagation, tomato & salad crop growing, the over wintering of tender plants and storage of garden tools to mention but a few. Here at Heritage we have a great choice of greenhouses in different styles and materials and at prices to suit everyone.

Small Greenhouses

Hampton Mini Greenhouse

We have a superb range of small greenhouses to suit every budget. The Hampton, Harewood & Exbury all offer benefits for the grower of plants with limited space to achieve success with their crops. It just depends what configuration and shape suits your home & garden the best. With the use of cleverly fitted 7 designed shelving more vegetables & plants can be nurtured under cover. All our small greenhouses come with proper ventilation systems and some with seed trays and self watering systems.

Small Greenhouse

A small greenhouse can be a quick and easy way of providing the setting for a programme of Grow Your Own produce to get started. Wooden and metal small greenhouses are best but even plastic covered ones from DIY stores allow you to grow a limited range of crops successfully. Our choice for a small greenhouse is the Harewood Mini Greenhouse AL4 for its comprehensive range of features at a mid range price.

Mini Greenhouses

Freestanding Greenhouse

Many gardeners do not have the large open space required for a traditional greenhouse but still want something more durable than a cheap plastic greenhouse which can easily get damaged or blow way in strong winds. Our mini greenhouses are made from architectural aluminium and toughened safety glass but also with additional features specifically designed to make the most of a small growing space. An additional benefit of our free standing Mini Greenhouses have ground fixing kits included as standard.

Glass Greenhouse

A glass greenhouse has become a traditional feature of the modern garden and will usually be constructed with an aluminium frame and toughened horticultural glass. Features include a sliding door and opening skylight to ensure that the temperature remains constant for the health and growth of the plants.

PVC Horticultural Growhouse

Culti Cave Greenhouse

A PVC Horticultural Growhouse is usually a lean to model measuring about 4 X 8' yet is a proper working greenhouse but just on a smaller scale. Perfect for the small or city garden it should fit against most courtyard walls. An alternative to the smaller traditional greenhouse is our innovative Culti Cave which is effectively a Baby Greenhouse. The Culti Cave is also a much cheaper option and with its unique curved shape it will protect your plants from rain wind and snow. Made from high grade PVC with a sewn in groundsheet it is easy to ventilate by unzipping the front and rear panels.

Timber Greenhouses

Timber framed greenhouses are perfect for maintaining ideal growing temperatures and are usually pressure treated to safeguard against rot. We are fortunate enough to be able to offer the Award winning range of Swallow Kingfisher Timber Greenhouses which are hand built in Yorkshire to the highest standards. They are tanalised and made from very sturdy timber. The Mercia is Wooden Greenhouse comes in 3 sizes and is also hand built and pre glazed. With opening windows for ventilation it comes with a pre hung door with lock & key for convenience. Assembly on site is an optional extra.

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