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The concept of Grow Your Own has been growing steadily over the last 20 years and particularly so in the last decade as it provides the perfect antidote to two problems of modern life – the quality of the food one consumes and the ability to enjoy a low tech and inexpensive hobby. Firstly, if one grows one's own vegetables, salad crops and even fruit one then knows that the produce is free from artificial pesticides and other preservatives and tastes much better than what supermarkets and food shops have to offer. Secondly, the actual planting and growing of one's own food is usually a relaxing and mostly rewarding pastime which with a bit of experience can become a way of life and save one quite a lot of money. Whether you are already involved in Grow Your Own or just starting out Heritage Gardens have everything you need to become an accomplished Grow Your Own gardener.

Garden Cloches

Garden Cloches

A Garden Cloche comes in a variety of different shapes and materials dependent on one's personal choice and what type of vegetable or plant one is growing. As well as plants they are equally useful in protecting ornamental plants and seedlings that need some extra warmth to get going especially at the time of year when late frosts can do damage after a succession of warm Spring days. Tunnel cloches made from rigid or flexible plastic are ideal for strawberries and other fruits which only grow at a low level. We use the Easy Fleece Cloche Tunnel which looks quite attractive and is inexpensive but provides warmth and insulation whilst allowing air, moisture and sunlight to filter through.


A Cold Frame is very helpful if you wish to grow and protect a number of plants and vegetables early in the season before the ground warms up. It is generally accepted that seeds will not germinate and grow until the soil temperature reaches 11˚ C. Certainly, if you want to grow your own vegetables in a serious manner a cold frame is an essential purchase. Our Patio Cold Frame & Base will ensure that your crops will grow quicker. 

Wooden Raised Beds

Wooden Raised bed

Wooden raised beds have been around for a long time but in recent years they have become popular with Grow Your Own enthusiasts as wooden raised beds are both a tidy and efficient way of providing a medium for growing crops in your vegetable patch or allotment. Our wooden raised bed kits are made from sustainably sourced wood and are pressure treated to ensure a long life. They are easy to assemble and have stainless steel fixings.

Raised Bed Kit

A Raised Bed Kit makes gardening easier and more comfortable for gardeners with limited mobility. Once the raised bed kit is in place and compost has been added the planting of seeds, cuttings and small vegetable plugs is a rewarding pleasure and the inevitable mess of mud and soil getting everywhere is avoided unlike with a traditional vegetable patch. Our raised bed kits come in different sizes ranging from 4' to 8' and are compatible with our Garden Cold Frames. The 2 tier 6' Raised Bed Kit is one of our most popular and is easy and quick to assemble.


4ft Coldframe

Cold frames are very useful in their own right but if you are a keen gardener and have a greenhouse full of plants a cold frame can provide extra growing space as well as keeping seeds, plants and vegetables safe from being eaten by birds or damaged by frosts. Traditional cold frames have glazed or solid sides and a lift up top. Our cold frames have sliding doors to give better ventilation and a unique design to allow the glazing panels to be removed easily in warm weather. The Garden Cold Frame 4 X 4 is an ideal purchase to get your Spring planting programme off to a flying start.

Allotment Growing

Mercia Sentry Box

For gardeners living in towns or who have small gardens with insufficient space to accommodate an area for the growing of vegetables an allotment is the ideal alternative. Allotment growing has been making a big comeback over the last few years after decades of decline when people were simply just not interested in growing vegetables on a plot of land which they only rented from the council and allotment growing, except by a small band of enthusiasts, was distinctly unfashionable. Today you will see bookshelves full of allotment growing guides and magazines solely aimed at allotment growers. The Heritage Lottery Fund has provided funds for the development of allotments, especially in urban areas. As well as our range of Grow Your Own products which are suitable for allotments our smaller sheds are ideal for keeping your tools safe on the allotment and somewhere to shelter when the rain comes down. The Mercia Sentry Box or Rowlinson Mini Store would be good choices and both could be delivered free to your allotment by arrangement.

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