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We have an impressive selection of Mediterranean indoor & outdoor exotic plants suitable for Conservatories, verandas, garden rooms & sheltered garden locations such as sunny borders against brick walls. All our Lemon & Orange trees develop fragrant flowers and fruit which ripens at different times of the year. Best kept indoors in a bright position in the Winter months they can be moved into a sheltered area of the garden or on a patio when the weather warms up.

Local garden centres or nurseries are usually the first port of call when considering buying plants for the garden if you are not fortunate enough to be able to propagate your own from your existing plants. We have carefully chosen a selection of houseplants, plant gift sets and roses which differ in size quality and colour from the choice that you are likely to find in your local garden centre. The Heritage range of Garden Plants have also been chosen for their resilience in being dispatched through the post or via a carrier and yet still arrive in perfect condition.

Our garden plants for sale are specially chosen to appeal to the online purchaser who may not have been able to find something suitable at their local garden centre. Our garden plants are offered for sale at very competitive prices and you can be sure that they will reach you or the person for whom you are buying a plant gift at their peak condition.

Our plant gifts comprise a choice of exotic Mediterranean citrus plants that will grace any conservatory or garden room. Whether it be a Herb Gift Set or a Giant Calamondin our plants for presents are dispatched with a gift card personally inscribed with your message. Large olive trees are particularly impressive either side of a front door and will do well in a sheltered spot anywhere in the UK or even indoor as a feature in a light room or conservatory.All of our plants come with free delivery and are packaged carefully to protect against damage. They are dispatched promptly from our partner nurseries who have years of experience in arranging for the plants that they have grown to be delivered throughout the UK.We often have Special Offers running at various times of the year & there are discounts available if you require several plants for a particular project..

Christmas houseplants are a superb way of brightening up the house, making it colourful and festive, and they’re excellent as Christmas gifts. If you receive one - or maybe you’ve treated yourself - you’ll want to make sure it provides months of pleasure. Bear in mind houseplants aren’t just for Christmas! With some care and attention, most will go on giving for many years.

Most flowering houseplants will last longer if kept cool, such as a constant 10°C to 15°C, although poinsettias, gerbera and Christmas cacti like it a little warmer - around 15°C to 21°C. Avoid chills at night (common if plants are displayed on windowsills) and excessive warmth, especially from central heating radiators or open fires.

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