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Solar Garden Lights

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Over recent years solar powered garden lights have become increasingly popular for a number of reasons. They are inexpensive and easy to install and much cheaper than mains operated ones both in terms of purchase and running costs. They have become much more efficient and can be used all year round even with the minimum of sunlight hours. Solar powered garden lights are eco friendly and whether of a simple design or a more elaborate garden feature such as lanterns, rock lights and butterflies work via a solar panel absorbing power during the day and automatically switching on at dusk with a slow release of energy to provide several hours of illumination. The second main benefit of solar garden lights is to use them to create an atmospheric ambiance and to add a soft glow to the night garden. Solar post lights are useful to illuminate walkways and special solar security lights are programmed to switch on and off when there is movement just like mains wired ones. Our Collection of Solar Powered Garden Lights provides a solar light for nearly all situations and however ambitious the lighting scheme you have in mind today's solar garden lighting can achieve the effects you desire quickly ,easily and inexpensively.

Solar Security Lights

solar security lights

Solar security lights work just likes mains wired ones – namely they switch on and off reacting to movement. These second generation lights are brighter, more reliable ,have better build quality and more compact providing excellent value for money. The Evo 36 & Evo 56 are adjustable in terms of activation time and lux sensitivity. The Evo 56 has a powerful 2.5W solar panel that charges the high capacity battery during the day. We also supply the Evo Booster Panel which adds 2.5W of power areas where sunlight is limited such as on garage adjacent to a North facing garden.

Solar Powered Fairy Lights

If you are looking to add some charm to the night garden and illuminate a favourite tree or shrub then one or more strings of Solar Powered Fairy Lights will be the choice. Fairy lights can either come in a natural white colour or multi coloured dependent on taste. They can also be used to illuminate garden structures such as pergolas, gazebos and arches and can be interwoven with climbing plants to create an enchanting vista. Our white Everbright solar fairy lights features iPS technology which measures the amount of light received by the panel over a 24h period. Should it fall below a preset threshold the lights will operate at night with a slightly reduced voltage prolonging the run time of the lights over the winter period.

Solar Fairy Lights for the Garden  are perfect for adding sparkle to the evening or night garden. They look fantastic on shrubs, bushes, doorways and parasols. In Winter they add an extra dimension of ethereal beauty to bare limbed trees when looking out on the garden on a cold night from the warmth of one's home.

Solar Wall Lights

Solar Wall Lights provide an elegant glow at night over your patio or garden and if they are configured as down lighters they can add extra focus to your plants and borders. They can of course also be used to provide extra security in combination with the solar powered security lights.

Deck Lighting

Although the trend for patio decking is not as popular as it once was if you do have decking solar recessed deck lights look almost indistinguishable from mains connected ones once they are installed flush with the decking. We also sell a Solar powered Driveway light which is extremely robust and reliable providing hours of continuous brightness.


With a little planning, solar can and does work year round in the UK. Naturally what you can expect in terms of performance in the winter, is not going to be what you might get at the height of summer but it can still do a solid job for you.
A poorly positioned panel is often the crucial difference between satisfaction and disappointment when it comes to the performance of your product.

Put simply: The fewer obstructions between the sun and your solar panel the better your unit will perform.
Your solar panel should be:
South facing or as near as possible
Outside of any glass windows and wiped clean from time to time
Free from any shadows; particularly important  between 10am - 2pm
Correctly angled toward the sun for the time 

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