Mediterranean plant ideas for a south facing wall or sheltered border Jun 18

Create the ambiance of a Mediterranean garden with our top 5 recommended plants and trees


With warm Spring weather ahead there is the opportunity to create a Mediterranean  ambiancewith a selection of attractive Mediterranean Plants planted against a sheltered brick wall which will cope well with any drought. 

All you need is a south facing wall or a sheltered border with plenty of sun and you can easily plant up some hardy plants and trees.

They may take a little time to establish but with regular feeding they will grow into fine specimens.

Mediterranean plants need lots of drainage

a group of bushes in a garden

You can never have enough drainage in a UK Mediterranean garden since in order to survive our damp winters plants that are designed for summer drought and heat waves need lots of drainage.

When planting up ensure that 6-10mm gravel or pea shingle are introduced into the planting space after mixing with compost or topsoil and ideally place some stones or broken plant pot crocks at the base.

At the Heritage Garden we have experimented in recent years with growing Grapevines, Olive Trees, Apricot Trees and mature Citrus trees in large pots. It is worth noting that the Fig Tree and Olive Tree in our photo have prospered over the last few years despite the awful summers we have had to endure in the UK.

Our 5 recommended trees and plants

In our Garden Plants Collection, which comprises a carefully chosen range of Exotic and Mediterranean plants grown for us by our partner nursery, we can recommended five great plants to get your Med garden established.

A Large Olive Tree would be essential as would a pair of grape vines which you could plant at either end of the wall. A Fig Tree makes one think of the Eastern Mediterranean complemented by a large Orange or Lime Tree with the ubiquitous Mediterranean plant Bougainvillea to add a finishing touch.


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