Obelisks & Screens

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A Garden Obelisk is a striking but easy way to create form & structure in the garden. Usually manufactured from metal or powder coated stainless steel there are also various types of attractive wooden obelisks.

Obelisks of all types are ideal to train climbing plants such as Clematis, Honeysuckle or climbing roses either up or through the obelisk creating a changing colour palette throughout the seasons. Alternatively in Winter you can leave them in their original state in the ground as a contrast to the winter foliage.

We have a good choice of both metal & wooden obelisks in various sizes so that you can choose what best suits your garden.

The Rowlinson Garden Creations Horizontal & Vertical Wooden Screens come in an option of two pack sizes and are a stylish and practical way of cordoning off parts of your garden. Made from softwood, the urban screens can be painted to complement your garden scheme. Equally impressive placed against a wall, this modern set can further enhance your garden. Also includes matching planters.  


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