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A Garden Arch provides the perfect frame for your garden creating eye catching features and providing a graceful and secure support for your roses and other climbing plants. Garden Arches are usually made from wood or metal.

Garden Arch

The garden arch features prominently amongst the garden designer's choices for garden structures as a means of enhancing and complementing any garden large or small. A garden arch can be of classic metal or rustic cottage style design.

Garden Arches Wooden

Wooden arches for gardens tend to be suited to traditional settings where the natural timber blends in well. Usually they are treated to protect against rot. For added attractiveness trellis can be added to either side of the arch.

Garden Arches Metal

Monet Metal Arches can be used to create a stunning rose walk and our Gothic arch would be our choice for the formal garden. The Harrogate Bower Arch is a simple yet pleasing compact metal arch and in the smaller garden can be placed close to a boundary wall.


Metal Garden Arches

A simple adaptation of the Monet arch is the Wall Arch made from metal. It can transform a dull wall into a floral walkway. If you are considering planting new fruit trees and wish to add a decorative feature around which apples or even a grape vine can be trained the metal Fruit Tree Arch is the answer.

Rose Arches

Rose Arches are elegant structures that provide decorative support for climbing roses as well as for other climbing plants such as honeysuckle. Rose Arches make a beautiful entrance to your garden.

Wooden Arches

Rowlinson Wooden Trellis ArchWooden Arches give your outdoor space a country cottage garden feel around which you can grow your favourite climbing plants. The Rowlinson Wooden Trellis Arch is our choice here.

Wooden Garden Arch

The Rustic Garden Arch is of traditional design with lattice sides and made from FSC hardwood with a natural timber finish. It provides the ideal combination of value for money, pleasing appearance and functionality.

Metal Garden Arch

The metal garden arch is the arch of choice for serious garden designers as it provides an excellent framework around which to base other garden features such as herbaceous borders, walkways and patio areas. The Verona Arch creates a beautiful backdrop or a stylish entrance to a path leading to your front door.



Porticoes provide the perfect support for climbing plants around your doorway, offering shade in the Summer and shelter in the Winter. Our Porticoes are made from high quality polymer-coated steel and with styles designed to complement both period and modern homes. All porticoes are fully welded and come with welded lattice and patio feet. Supplied in just two sections for easy installation.


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