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Lloyd Loom furniture is beautiful, strong and extremely durable, and its name is synonymous with good quality.

A piece of Lloyd Loom furniture can sit equally well in a country home or a contemporary city apartment.  There are many designs and colours available that will enhance any home or commercial setting from conservatory, living or dining rooms to kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

What is Lloyd Loom?

Lloyd Loom is a weave created by spinning kraft paper around steel wire.  This is then woven on a loom to create a strong and versatile material that can be formed into almost any shape of furniture.  The Lloyd Loom weave is unique, and only furniture made using this distinctive weave is able to bear an authentic Lloyd Loom plaque.  

Lloyd Loom was first created in 1917 by an American Marshall B Lloyd.  Mr Lloyd was a great inventor and started by designing machines to automate the production of wicker chairs.  He then developed a new weave, much stronger and more durable than wicker, using steel wire wrapped in kraft paper, which was then woven on a loom to create the now legendary Lloyd Loom fabric.  

Lloyd Loom weave was initially used to make baby carriages but soon progressed to  elegant and distinctive furniture.  In the 1920’s the patent to produce Lloyd Loom weave was sold to a manufacturer in England who used it to create typically classic English furniture.  In the 1920’ and 30’s Lloyd Loom furniture became incredibly popular in Britain and all over Europe and could be seen in the smartest hotels, restaurants, and clubs.  

Testament to the strength and durability of Lloyd Loom is that many people still own original pieces of the furniture which have passed down from generation to generation and are still in use today.  

Although never really out of fashion, Lloyd Loom furniture is currently enjoying a strong revival in the UK and Europe and the weave is being used to create a huge collection of furniture from the original classic designs to modern contemporary pieces to suit our 21st century lifestyle.  

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