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Now is certainly the time to buy garden games & spend time at home & in the garden in a constructive & enjoyable way both for adults & children. Garden Games can be enjoyed year after year as they do not go out of fashion. Heritage Gardens Garden Games are of the highest quality and at online prices you will find hard to beat.


A Giant Garden Chess Set is a very attractive and popular garden game and is sure to give your garden parties a new dimension. Of equal appeal to both adults and children it is also suitable for players of different skill levels. The all weather outdoor Giant Chess Set is the perfect large garden game.

TRADITIONAL GARDEN GAMES Classic Garden Games such as Boules, Quoits and Garden Cricket have been popular in the UK for as long as the suburban garden has existed and certainly since the 1920s. Building block games such as the Giant Tumble Tower have been best selling games for many years with their innovative design enabling the game to become more intense and last longer through higher stacking as a result of gaps in the blocks.


The Giant Connect 4 and the Deluxe Giant Connect 4 are games of skill where players take turns to drop giant coins into place in a wooden frame on wheels.

Giant Dominoes & Giant Pick Up Sticks are some of the large garden games that we sell. 


The outdoor Garden Games Standard Chess Set is suited to families with the smaller garden who would not easily be able to accommodate the Giant Chess Pieces and large scale mat. Although smaller in size the chess pieces retain the same build quality and excellent playing mat.


At Heritage Gardens we are pleased to offer a wide range of big garden games which although simple in concept are designed to encourage different skill levels and much enjoyment for both young and old.


One of the best new garden games to come on the market in the last few years is the game of Smite. This is based on a traditional Northern European game combining the skill and dexterity of Boules with the cunning and guile of croquet. Smite can be played either as a competitive game with many players on a village green or as a family garden game. 

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