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Garden Planters

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Garden Planters are available in many different sizes, shapes and materials and will enhance any garden. Planters allow you to create an instant impact on your garden and let you quickly and easily change the look and feel of your garden by introducing height, structure and colour. We have a planter for any style of garden from the traditional to the contemporary in stone or wood. A tip for choosing garden planters is to go for a planter that looks good even when not planted up and always buy one larger than you think you need. They are an investment in your garden but should you move home you can take them with you.


Rowlinson Wooden planter

Our wooden planters are made from FSC certified wood or solid teak. The Rowlinson Rectangular Wooden Planter is sturdy with tongue and groove panels and comes in a natural timber finish which is pressure treated to protect against rot and is easy to assemble. Wood is an especially effective material for insulating the roots of your plants and shrubs against the extremes of temperature.


Rowlinson large Planter

Large garden planters are a great way to show off an impressive array of blooms when placed against a stone or brick wall creating a feature whilst covering up an unsightly area of ground. They can also be used as terrace edging for a natural dividing screen. Plant up with shrubs or seasonal colour bedding plants or a large garden planter can even be used to make a raised kitchen garden bed to provide tasty vegetables and herbs. The Rowlinson Patio Planter Trough is a good choice.


Rowlinson Square Planter

Square planters are suitable for courtyard developments, small gardens or patio areas where space is limited. The Rowlinson Square Planter is an attractive way to display your plants and is made from tongue and groove panels, pressure treated and can be painted or stained if desired. Square planters are ideal for small ornamental Bay Trees, Topiary Boxes or colourful seasonal bedding and provide a warm welcoming approach to your home.


Timber planters look particularly impressive in solid Plantation Teak from sustainable resources. Our Solid Teak Timber Planter come in sets of three either in a slatted or solid version . If you have a path that you want to appear more attractive you could have three planters on each side at intervals planted up with fragrant French lavenders.

Contemporary Planters


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