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The concept of Grow Your Own has been growing steadily over the last 20 years and particularly so in the last decade as it provides the perfect antidote to two problems of modern life – the quality of the food one consumes and the ability to enjoy a low tech and inexpensive hobby. Firstly, if one grows one's own vegetables, salad crops and even fruit one then knows that the produce is free from artificial pesticides and other preservatives and tastes much better than what supermarkets and food shops have to offer. Secondly, the actual planting and growing of one's own food is usually a relaxing and mostly rewarding pastime which with a bit of experience can become a way of life and save one quite a lot of money. Whether you are already involved in Grow Your Own or just starting out Heritage Gardens have everything you need to become an accomplished Grow Your Own gardener.


Miniature greenhouses are a small version of the classic greenhouse and are perfect for gardeners who have limited floor space in their garden, but still want to grow their favourite plants, fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Miniature greenhouses allow you to make the most of available sunlight, providing the optimal conditions for year-round cultivation. With our range of small lean to greenhouses, 4ft lean to greenhouses, mini growhouses and cold frames you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for you and your garden.

Grow flowers, herbs, fruit and vegetables in these space-saving miniature greenhouses and enjoy a green-fingered lifestyle all year round, regardless of how little outdoor space you have available.


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