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Whether your garden is large or small the key to a tidy garden is to have somewhere to store your items to keep them safe for security purposes or to keep them dry from inclement weather. We have a wide range of storage solutions to suit every purpose or requirement in a variety of different materials - wood, metal & plastic.
One of our most popular products of the last couple of years has been the ergonomically stylish & practical Rowlinson Wheelie Bin stores available in single, double or even triple sizes ! With such windy weather affecting the UK these days who wants to deal with overturned wheelie bins with rubbish strewn everywhere ? The Rowlinson Wheelie Bin Store is the perfect solution & has been featured in several media articles on the subject.
If you do not have a cellar or basement & your garage is full up or used for its original purpose then you will need some sort of outside storage such as a timber garden chest in which to put items of garden furniture out of season or if your hobby is cycling then a Bike Store is the answer. For larger gardens a Mercia Mower Store is ideal for storing the mower(s) & other garden equipment.
Finally, more households are enjoying the benefits of a wood burner or open fire so somewhere tidy to store the logs is essential. We have several types & sizes of Log Stores to suit . If you do not see exactly what you are looking for please do phone us on 0800 694 1841 & we would be very pleased to help.
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