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Although we are now at the beginning of December Winter has not yet begun to bite so now is a good opportunity to order a delivery of logs. If the past couple of years are anything to go by we can be sure of snow possibly for an extended period of time so you certainly don't want supplies of logs or coal to run out.There is something very satisfying about logs being stacked up neatly ready to put into a log basket as & when required rather than leaving them in a heap in your garage or outside.


If you have room for storage either outside in a courtyard or inside in a cellar you can stock up on logs which can be delivered by the load – much cheaper than buying in nets from a garage. Look out for adverts in your local newspaper or advertising signs by the roadside as the number of log suppliers is growing all the time. The Rowlinson Log Store comes in two sizes and is a well designed and practical means of keeping your logs aired and dried. The compact Log End is a neat tubular storage facility to enable your logs to be stacked tidily against a brick wall.Ensure your logs stay safe and dry this Winter by investing in one of our log stores.



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